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After being a senior accountant for more than 20 years, I really wanted to do something different. I’ve always been interested in fashion and accessories, but it was spending time with Susannah that made all the difference. Suddenly, I could see what was involved. I learned what marketing approaches she felt were most successful. She opened up her contacts books to me, so I knew where to source my materials from. It’s been absolutely amazing” - Mary Byrne
— Mary has now moved countries, she's bought a factory and now employs 10 staff.
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Ex MD Ops and Tech, Barclays. After running a business with 400 staff in Barclays, I thought it was the people side of the business and the coaching that really interested me. Through Lucy, I spent a day with a coaching business. I hadn’t appreciated how competitive the industry is. The reality is, you spend more time doing business development than I wanted to do. So it helped me re-think. I now work in a business managing infrastructure IT change projects and I’m responsible for the innovation side of the business. It’s my job to spot new technology and find opportunities to use for the benefit of clients.

— paul Burleton

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I have a full time day job which I’m very happy with, but FSCS use this service as an employee benefit. Career transition isn’t just when you leave an organisation. It’s something to be considered here and now. I’ve been writing a book but had no luck with getting any feedback from publishers. Through Lucy, I saw an opportunity to meet a publisher, so I used this to gain insights into my writing. The meeting with Todd was really productive. He bought along two other editors who also gave me in depth feedback on my book and advice on how to break into the industry. I’m working through their recommendations now. This is quite simply an amazing opportunity and I’m really grateful FSCS have this vision to help their employees.

— Natalie twum barima

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Working as a stockbroker at BaML for years was great, but I’d always wanted to explore options in interior design. Being interested in interiors, I couldn’t believe there was a chance to spend time with Rachel Laxer who is highly respected and world renowned. Spending the day with her was so helpful. Not only were my eyes opened, it went so well and I’ve been asked to do some work on her next showhome.

-Sian Clague

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I was a senior programme manager at Nomura for over 10 years. Before that, I was at Lehman and before than Tesco, so it’s fair to say, other than being a reliable customer, running a wine bar was not something of which I’d had much experience! With a move back to Australia I was thinking now is the time to make a change. I spent the day with Kiki who is so inspirational - what she’s achieved is incredible. It did however open my eyes to the reality. I decided it wasn’t going to be my future afterall - but now I’m not thinking ‘what if’!”

— asa joseph,


After more than 20 years as a management consultant, I really wanted to do something cool! I love music so the idea I’d get to spend a day with one of the UK’s top songwriters was just the best opportunity. Whilst it was really interesting (he writes songs for Ellie Goulding, Rebecca Ferguson and Tom O’Dell!) The best thing was talking to someone who has been there and done that - someone who isn’t a careers advisor ticking a load of boxes! I’ve realised songwriting is probably not for me, but it has helped me realise going freelance isn’t as scary as it first seemed.

— Alexander Stevenson

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I was a Partner in a Private Equity firm. After more than 20 years of building up other people’s businesses, I wanted to build my own. I have a taste for beer, so my intial thoughts were to start my own craft beer. I talked to Lucy who set me up to spend time with the Red Church Brewery (now in every supermarket - try Shoreditch Blonde!) It was this day that helped me refine my idea. I was going to miss the strategy side too much, so instead, I've bought a retail business which sells craft beers. I’ve built up to 3 stores now and have more plans….

— jonathan Kay


For the past two years, I’ve been doing my own fashion business on the side (the side hustle!) but I’ve been ripped off. Amazon just want your money and they give no advice on how to set up. I heard Lucy speak at a conference so we connected. She set me up to spend a day with Ali Mapletoft - who runs a successful fashion and homewares label. She employs three staff in a studio in Brighton. She sells through iconic brands like Rocket St George as well as having an impressive following and international clientele. After one day, I’ve completely changed my business plan and I’m now using her packaging designers. What a difference a day can make.

— Rosetta ahmed

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I’ve been a business manager and client services manager for more than 10 years. Alongside this, I’ve dreamed of running my own cafe and soft play centre. I’ve done lots of sitting in cafes, but got to a stage where I just needed some expert advice. Being set up to spend a day with Pete was amazing! He’s been awarded best independent coffee shop chain in Europe. I was run off my feet for a day, but I’ve learned so much valuable content which has been crucial in changing my business plan and ideas on which premises and lease arrangements I should be considering.