Structure and Pricing

Our caveat with this page is every organisation is different and requires a different approach. This is intended to be indicative: not restrictive or rigid.


Career Coaching

On site career coach:

Not all people feel comfortable talking issues through with internal colleagues or managers. Our coaches can help your employees think through challenges and career development priorities. Our focus is on being practical, focused and constructive.

As a guide, you can expect to pay a day rate of £1200 which accommodates 4-5 coaching sessions.


Internal job shadowing schemes

increasing internal mobility and the diversity profile of those applying for senior roles

We have compelling evidence from our work that if you increase opportunities to shadow roles internally, you will attract many more women and those from ethnic minority backgrounds to apply. Furthermore, in a survey of nearly 400 people considering their next role, the opportunity they believed would offer them most value was ‘opportunities to shadow people’. We know how you should set up the schemes, what requirements are involved, how many days are needed and what internal resources you need to invest in to make this work well.

What it will ultimately cost depends on the size of your organisation and what internal resource you can spare, but our consultancy comes in at £1800 per day and we believe you’ll need 3-4 days. You’ll make significantly larger savings out of your L&D and recruitment budgets and we’ll also expect a strong increase in employee satisfaction.


Career transition and outplacement

We focus on providing a service to the 25% of people who want to use this as an opportunity for change. We won’t compete with the many good providers who find people the same jobs in other organisations, so suggest our service is a compliment to either your existing supplier or we work in partnership with several we’ve worked with previously.

We help people change careers by offering the coaching to support and explore interests/motivations, but then the practical interventions of giving them chances to shadow experts doing jobs they want to move into. We take care of all the legal paperwork and give your employees life changing (literally) opportunities to inform the next few years of their lives. This concept is completely new, so we’ll illustrate with some real life examples:

  • Full day shadowing an equestrian center to help understand the costs involved. Is this a viable future job? Should I focus on livery or riding school? How much do you pay staff?

  • Do I really want to buy a hotel in the Lake District? What are the margins involved? How many rooms are optimal? Should I buy near an established pub?

  • Meeting a book publisher; getting feedback on a book. Is it likely this will be published? What feedback do you have? Do I have a career as an author and if so, what will I get paid?

  • Meeting the songwriter for Ellie Goulding, Steve O’Dell and Rebecca Ferguson.

Fees depend slightly on the expert being shadowed as we cover the opportunity cost of their time, but for each employee, you can expect to pay £2950. This covers 3 coaching sessions, 3 calls with different experts and a half day shadowing their dream job.

35% of fees at this stage supports either small businesses or is donated to charity.

other interventions:

  • Personal responsibility workshops

    It takes two to tango! We believe organisations have a duty to provide a good and safe work environment, but employees have responsibility for their own engagement and career development. We help your employees realise the power they have to be responsible for the choices they make, the quality of relationships they have with others as well as the level of engagement and motivation they feel. The factor which most predicts career satisfaction (or engagement if you prefer, but academically, they’re the same concept) is ‘locus of control’ - or for want of a better word, personal responsibility. Work on this and you set people up for life - a more sustainable people focused solution.

  • Career changerships

    Many organisations offer graduate schemes, but few target these at the career changer population. Skills are harder to acquire than knowledge or experience. Organisations tend to focus on the latter - which misses a huge opportunity not only to be different, but to be progressive. We have some pretty cool ideas here - and are working with the NHS.

  • Recruitment overhaul

    You already have the resources you need to dramatically improve the retention of those you employ. It won’t cost more. It just requires an open mind and a willingness to try something different. We have the science and the research to prove the methodology works. Conservatively, you should see retention rates improve by a factor of 30-35%.

  • Webinars

    Webinars can be great ways to get groups together virtually. Our focus is on making these forums for discussion rather than to lecture. We have a vast range of content we can share so let us know your needs.


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