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What work we do is arguably the most important decision we can make, yet it is a commitment we typically make without the benefit of knowledge and experience to guide us. With average age on the increase, it is highly probable we will make several job changes throughout our lives and we are working to better inform these choices. We’ve spent two years building up ViewVo - our platform for connecting people to inspirational experts who love what they do with both flare and success. The reason no one else has done this yet, is because it’s hard. The reality of ‘go and network’, or ‘ go and talk to an expert ’ is easier said than done. We’ve done all these hard and painful steps because when employees are already at a low point, we should be offering something constructive, positive and inspirational.

People in our team have had impressive careers - but what joins them here, is a shared belief that we can help people make better informed choices about where and how to work. We are in a unique position to do this and are excited to get started with career development and outplacement service.


Lucy Standing

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After a career in investment banking and consulting, I took a career break to have my children. Getting back into work or starting over is difficult. I’ve failed at some things and done well at others, but it’s in the doing that we really learn what works - so I've devoted my time over the past few years to figuring out how best to make this happen for other people.

I’m a psychologist and love what I do. Like many, I have a Masters degree and I’m a chartered psychologist, but in reality this means nothing. I’ve never obtained work because of the letters after my name, but because of my reputation and word of mouth. I love my role as Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) as this more than anything keeps me up to date with all the latest things happening in the industry.

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Alison Hall

After a legal career, I decided once I started a family that I wanted to change career direction. I spent some enjoyable time really exploring what interests me. I had studied psychology at undergraduate level and found it fascinating, so decided to do a Masters. I chose the UCL course for its breadth and really loved the content. It was during this time that I connected with the Association for Business Psychology where I met Lucy. We both agreed that career change is a growing area: so many people I meet in all walks of life want to leave jobs they don’t find fulfilling. I’m a mentor with Careershifters - an on line coaching organisation focused on helping people make career shifts. I’ve helped dozens of people change direction and follow their passions. I feel there is a strong need to help give people really practical steps and guidance during this signifiant change. Lucy and I got chatting - and now you’re reading our website!

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David Mellor

Since 2001 David I’ve developed a portfolio of activities which derive principally from 25 years’ experience in commercial and investment banking with HSBC and Deutsche Bank. My consultancy activities embrace strategic planning and implementation, and mentoring existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. In short, I help people who want to set up their own consultancy and freelance businesses. I’m an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Finance at Cass Business School, where I run workshops on managing strategic change, entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, leadership, building high performance teams and sales. In addition, I’ve acted as course director. I’ve facilitated and provided mentoring support to the participants.

I’m a published author with a series of books on starting your own businesses. I was co-author of FT Publishing’s “Inspirational Gamechangers” (2015). I’ve written the course content for LHH Penna (for those changing career and starting their own businesses) and I deliver a number of their workshops.

I’m a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs. I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge.  

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Sue Colton

I provide services relating to all aspects of the psychological contract. I can devise methods, policies and processes to motivate employees, measure behaviour and align individual goals to the strategic intent and development of the business. I have a Master’s degree in HR Management. I used to work at NatWest Group and KPMG as a management consultant. I’ve helped to transition over 1,000 people which is my favourite part of what I do.

Sarah-Jane Last

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I’m a strategist, psychologist, executive coach, founder of The Work Psychologist and Co-Founder of CDP Leadership Consultants.  My research interests are focused around the early identification of Intrapreneurial & disruptive talent.  I coach private clients, millennials and leaders internally at Channel 4, We Work, Experian, and I work with a multitude of tech entrepreneurs.  I also provide pro-bono coaching for the next generation of senior leaders through the Marketing Academy.  

Before becoming a psychologist, I was lucky enough to run the world-famous nightclub, Ministry of Sound and organised Elton John’s and Sir Bob Geldof’s private events. I know first-hand what it means to make a complete career change. I firmly believe doing what you enjoy is crucial and I’m keen to help others make better career choices for their unique strengths.


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Allison Lindsay

Allison Lindsay
I have a passion for helping people build resilience in their work lives and engender successful career change.

I have a Masters in Occupational Psychology, am a published author on the topic of work-life balance and Founder of the School for Wellbeing. I strongly believe that by playing to our strengths our careers can and should be a significant way to bring deep satisfaction and purpose to our lives.

As a serial career changer myself – with past roles as an Underwriter, Director of Conferences for a global events business catering to the energy and finance industries, and consultant Business Psychologist in the field of change management - I have significant personal experience in what it takes to change career successfully.

I enjoy using traditional coaching methods as well as embodiment coaching (getting clients more connected to their bodies to uncover deep patterns, build awareness and create choice) to help clients identify their passions and fulfil their career dreams  by defining and implementing concrete strategies to create successful career change.


Joanna Floyd

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I have 17 years experience working in investment banking and private equity. I originally focused on M&A before transitioning myself to a focus on strategic recruitment and people development.  My real passion is helping people, ranging from school leavers to experienced hires, understand themselves better and find roles that suit their key skills and attributes. My research into what influences women returning (or not) to work was awarded a distinction on my MSc (Business Psychology). I provide return-to-work coaching for women and alongside the work I’m doing here with Lucy and the rest of the team, I’m also a Director of CDP consulting - a leadership assessment and development consultancy. I’m very used to working with Director/partner level candidates.