Workplaces are evolving. You are no longer offering a job for life…


Work should excite and stimulate, but too often people get trapped doing roles in which they are no longer engaged. In an era of living longer, your organisation can’t offer lifetime job security. What motivates and drives us changes throughout our lives, so wanting to explore and experience different things is logical - yet the outplacement & career transition market has not evolved to help people make more informed and better future career choices.


How are we different?

We give people opportunities to learn more about the sorts of jobs they are dreaming of doing by connecting them directly to key experts doing them. Everyone is an individual: one size does not fit all. This is a more personal, practical and inspirational approach to anything on the market. More than anything else - it works.


OK - it works, but how?

up to 10 hours coaching (split across 4-5 coaching sessions)


phone calls with 3-4 experts in targeted roles


roll the sleeves up: meeting and shadowing opportunities



“We take the stress out of career transition and outplacement. We take a situation which for most, is scary and difficult and turn it into an opportunity for inspiration and change.”

— Lucy Standing

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“This is such a great risk free way to evaluate how the idea you have is actually going to work. I spent a day in a busy restaurant and made a number of revisions to my business plan after talking in depth about my budgeting”

Antonio Barusco

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Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

If we aren’t offering a job for life, then I believe we should be supporting employees with help and guidance towards their next role. If seeing the reality of a different job turns people off and makes them more engaged with us, then so much the better. If their career is best served outside, then why hold them back?

-David Blackburn, Chief People Officer


What else?

Approximately 25-35% of our fees go to support charities or small businesses. You can help your employees whilst making a positive difference to meaningful enterprise.